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Recognizing And Responding To Issues With TMJ Disorder

Do you find yourself longing for a time when you could eat, speak, and laugh without discomfort? Have you been experiencing an unusual number of headaches? Problems with your jaw, known as TMJ disorder, can affect your quality of life in many ways. You can suffer regular bouts of pain, particularly when you are trying to move your jaw. You can also find that it is difficult to bite and chew because your movements are becoming limited. Our Katy, TX dental office can help you determine why this has become a problem, and we can recommend an appropriate treatment. We can also talk to you about a harmful teeth grinding problem, as nightly grinding and clenching often occur when a person has untreated TMJ issues.

TMJ Disorder Can Cause You Pain, And Limit Your Jaw Movement

A person who suffers from TMJ disorder can wind up in a situation where it is tough to enjoy their everyday life because of discomfort in their face, neck, and head. You can struggle to bite, chew, and speak because it is hard to move your jaw fully, or without pain. If you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night because of your condition, you can start to see a change in the shape of teeth, as constant pressure can affect the way they look, or even lead to damage!

Why Are You Dealing With This Problem?

TMJ disorder is a consequence of an issue that affects your jaw joints and muscles. There are a number of reasons that this can become a problem for an individual. For one person, TMJ disorder can be traced to arthritis in their jaw joints, while another may have problems after an injury. In some cases, jaw clenching and teeth grinding occur before TMJ disorder is a problem, and the habitual pressure can be responsible for your other discomforts. In addition to evaluating your jaw function, and discussing pain, your dentist can determine what issue or issues might need to be addressed to stop your TMJ dysfunction.

Performing Restorative Dental Work To Correct Your Bite

Because our practice can examine your bite with digital technology, we can carefully study any connection between functional issues, and jaw pain. Correcting a person’s bite can reduce stress on their jaw, as can custom appliances. With that said, you may have other oral health issues that are affecting your bite, and making it hard to escape life with TMJ disorder. We can help you if dental misalignment is making it hard for you to bite and chew properly, or if you need dental crowns for teeth that are not capable of receiving normal bite pressure.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Addressing TMJ Disorder

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help people who are struggling with TMJ disorder. If you think this problem is affecting you, let us know! To make an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.