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Yes, You Should Tell Your Dentist About Your Migraines

Talking about your migraines may not be fun, but experiencing them is likely far less pleasant for you! If you are affected by severe headaches, you might be surprised to hear that the problem is something to bring up at your dentist’s office. How can our Katy, TX dental practice help you deal with your migraine issues? Often, this painful condition is connected to jaw problems that cause a person to experience TMJ dysfunction. You may also have problems with teeth grinding, limited or painful jaw movement, or even pain in your neck and shoulders. After evaluating you, your dentist can determine if there is a problem with your jaw that needs to be addressed, and identify a solution to the matter!

Migraines Can Be A Symptom Of TMJ Dysfunction

Even though TMJ dysfunction is based on a problem with your jaw joints or muscles, the effects of the condition can be felt in a number of different ways. One problem people often experience is migraine trouble, but you become aware of the problem because of problems or pain with your bite, facial soreness, or discomfort in your neck and shoulders.

Studying Your Bite Function For Signs Of Trouble

With Tekscan pressure mapping technology, our practice has the ability to do an advanced study of your bite. We are able to monitor how evenly you can apply and release pressure with different parts of your jaw, and determine where you might have imbalances that should be corrected. Putting work into correcting your bite function can reduce your jaw stress, which can reduce your discomfort. For further support, your dentist can create a special oral appliance that allows you to correct the position of your jaw while you sleep. This can further help alleviate stress, and offer relief.

The Importance Of Treating Teeth Grinding

While looking into your issues with TMJ dysfunction, your dentist can also check to see if you have been grinding your teeth at night. It is important to put a stop to this problem promptly – you are capable of doing serious damage to your smile if it continues! In addition to providing you with a guard to stop you from grinding your teeth at night, your dentist can recommend the placement of dental crowns for any teeth that have been seriously hurt.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Your Migraines

Lathrop Dental Center is prepared to help patients who are struggling with the unpleasant effects of recurring migraines. If this problem is affecting your quality of life, we can do thorough studies to see if it might be linked to your oral health, and provide treatment! If you would like to find out more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.