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Fitting Cosmetic Dentistry Into Your Busy Schedule

When your days tend to be busy, and your free time is rare, it can feel like certain goals have to be postponed. For people who want to show off smile improvements, cosmetic dentistry can be enticing, but they can hesitate to discuss treatment with their dentist because they feel they lack time for a procedure. What might surprise you is how easy it can be to fit cosmetic dental work into your life. In fact, if your goal is to see your smile whitened, our Katy, TX dental office can help by providing you with a take-home whitening kit! This means that you can do the work of addressing discoloration when it suits you, and see professional-quality results!

We Can Send You Home With A Professional Whitening Treatment

A professional whitening kit will supply you with the necessary tools to see a significant improvement in the color of your smile. The kit includes whitening agents that are more effective than products that are available at stores, as well as custom trays that make their application easy. You can perform daily treatments at any times that suit you. In other words, you are not obligated to fit treatment into typical office hours! At the end of your whitening treatment, you can marvel at how much brighter your teeth look, as the agents provided by your dentist can remove stains that store bought products leave behind.

Arranging Bonding And Contouring Work For Your Smile

Bonding and contouring work can provide big results, despite requiring limited work on your tooth structure. In order to complete your smile goals in a shorter time, your dentist can often fit both bonding and contouring work into a single appointment. Through tooth contouring, it is possible to correct issues with teeth that look too large, or seem misshapen. A bonding procedure allows your dentist to cover up damages and discoloration without using a custom restoration, which can limit the change to your tooth structure. While the actual changes made are conservative, you can see great results from this one procedure!

Are You Interested In Fitting Cosmetic Work In Before The Holiday Season Begins? We Can Help!

Because cosmetic treatment can take less time than you anticipate, and lead to lasting results, you can make sure that your smile looks amazing before the holiday season! By making time for a consultation, you can learn about your different treatment options, and have work completed before your first big gathering of the season!

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Cosmetic Dentistry, And Improving Your Smile

Lathrop Dental Center is proud to provide a range of cosmetic dental services to people in Katy, TX, Fulshear,TX, and all surrounding areas. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.