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Responding To Total Tooth Loss With Implant Dentures

Advanced or total tooth loss can feel insurmountable, but through modern prosthetic dental treatment, our Katy, TX dental office can help you see amazing improvements to your smile and oral health. For people who are in need of dentures, we can provide implant-held restorations that stay comfortable, and offer real functional support. With as few as four implant posts, we can make sure that your denture remains in place, and is stable enough to trust with biting and chewing. Your restoration will also help you by stimulating your jawbone, which leads to the delivery of minerals and nutrients that keep the bone healthy. In addition to helping those who have not responded to their tooth loss, this  modern solution can benefit people who have grown frustrated with loose dentures.

What Makes Implant Dentures Different From Traditional Dentures?

Traditional dentures have made it possible for people to regain confidence in the way they look, but their lack of stable support has limited their functional value. When your denture is held in place through suction, or with epoxies, you can lack the confidence to eat certain foods, and you can feel self-conscious about the possibility your restoration might slip out of place. Implant dentures give you a more stable form of support, which can lead to more comfort, and an easier time biting and chewing. You can also sustain the health of your jawbone with your implants. Over time, the natural deterioration of the bone that occurs after tooth loss can make a person’s traditional denture feel loose, or awkward.

Planning Your Prosthetic Treatment

Modern implant-held dentures are a great prosthetic choice for people who have lost an entire row of teeth, and those who are ready to replace an old denture. During an initial evaluation, your dentist will carefully examine your oral structures, and determine where your implants should be placed. Because we offer All-On-4 implant dentures, it is possible to keep a full restoration secure with just four posts. Your initial evaluation makes it possible to plan a custom treatment experience, and determine if you require any preliminary work before your implant placement. Once you have received your implants, and you have gone through an appropriate healing period, a custom-made denture can be secured, and you can start enjoying life with a more reliable prosthetic!

Enjoying Life With Better Bite Function

Better bite function can mean eating a more varied and nutritious diet. It can also mean keeping your jawbone stimulated, so it maintains its shape and size. In addition to providing patients with a better, more comfortable experience, dental implants are beneficial because they help you avoid jawbone resorption, a problem with deterioration caused by mineral loss. Stopping jawbone resorption is good for your oral health, and it can help you preserve your appearance.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Receiving Implant Dentures

At Lathrop Dental Center, we are ready to help individuals who want to enjoy life with a fully restored smile! If you wish to learn more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.