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Can Invisalign Help You With Your Poor Dental Alignment?

Sure, many people have enjoyed their results after undergoing treatment with Invisalign. For those individuals, this modern alternative to metal braces offered a discreet, less intrusive way to fix smile gaps and overlaps. The question you may be asking yourself is whether Invisalign is up to the task of fixing your concerns about the alignment of your teeth. At our Katy, TX dental office, we can talk to you about the Invisalign experience, and determine if these appliances might be the right approach for helping you straighten your teeth. We can also talk to you about the benefits of orthodontic work, and the long-term value of fixing problems with poor alignment.

Can I Really Choose Treatment With Invisalign Over Traditional Braces?

Many people who have expressed interest in orthodontic work have found that Invisalign aligners were capable of helping them. These aligners have become popular for straightening teeth because they allow you to fix spacing issues, and bring your smile into better symmetry, while avoiding permanent appliances. If you want to find out if these appliances can help you, talk to your dentist, as they can perform a careful evaluation to ensure that these aligners will be effective at addressing your concerns.

What To Expect From Your Invisalign Aligners

As you begin treatment with Invisalign, you can discover that your appliances are easy to wear with confidence in many different environments. After all, their clear design can make it difficult for people to notice that you have started orthodontic work. You can also enjoy the ability to remove them on your own, so they are never in the way when you need to clean your teeth, or when you are preparing to eat.

Orthodontic Improvements Offer More Than Just A Better Smile

In addition to improving your smile, your Invisalign treatment can help you reduce your cavity risk, and improve your bite function. A person’s bite can become imbalanced because of the way their teeth are positioned, and over time that can lead to jaw stress that continues to build. You can experience TMJ disorder as a result, and feel persistent pain. If your teeth overlap, it can be more difficult to fully clean them, which can cause you to develop plaque and tartar buildup that results in the need for restorative dental work.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Straightening Your Smile With Invisalign Aligners

At Lathrop Dental Center, we are ready to help you improve your smile alignment, and prevent oral health concerns, by straightening your teeth with Invisalign aligners! These appliances have made orthodontic work more discreet, while still leading to great results for people who are embarrassed or frustrated by the way their teeth are positioned. For more information, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.