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Identifying The Reason For Your Bad Bite

When you have trouble biting and chewing comfortably, the problem may be with your dental function. A “bad bite” can be the consequence of improper or uneven jaw movement taxing your joints and muscles, and leading to difficulties. If this problem is not corrected, you can develop chronic pain, and experience new concerns like teeth grinding. Our Katy, TX dental practice can use modern technology to understand what issue or issues might be interfering with your bite function. We are also prepared to provide restorative dental care to help you improve your function, and address your ongoing issues with discomfort.

Uncomfortable When Biting And Chewing? We Can Help

You may not realize it, but an unbalanced or awkward bite movement may be the reason you have difficulties with chronic discomfort. In order to determine how your motion is affecting you, we can perform a study of your bite equilibrium using modern pressure mapping technology. The information we gather through this study can be used to devise a plan to correct your bite function, and reduce the stress being caused by any imbalances we discover. With these corrections, the stress regularly placed on your jaw joints and muscles can be reduced, ultimately alleviating your discomfort.

Missing Or Unhealthy Teeth Can Interfere With Your Bite

Simply put, an unhealthy smile can interfere with your dental function. If you have unaddressed problems with certain teeth, or if you have gaps from lost teeth, your ability to naturally bite and chew can be compromised. As part of a plan to correct your bad bite, we can restore the condition of teeth with dental crowns. Single tooth dental implants can lead to better dental function as well, as they can safely absorb pressure from biting and chewing.

Poor Bite Alignment Can Lead To Chronic Pain

An examination of your bite function can reveal a connection between your dental alignment and bite problems. With Invisalign aligners, your teeth can be moved without the use of metal braces. As a result, you can see cosmetic improvements as well as benefits for your bite, while relying on discreet appliances. This option can be particularly popular with people who are concerned about the impact braces might make on their ability to look professional, or their potential to interfere with their confidence in their smile.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Your Bad Bite

At Lathrop Dental Center, patients who are interested in correcting problems with a bad bite can enjoy important support! After identifying the cause of your discomfort, we can recommend a treatment option that improves your ability to bite and chew naturally. If you would like to find out more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.