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Are You Living With Persistent Jaw Pain? We Can Help!

You should be able to bite, chew, laugh, and speak without experiencing discomfort, or finding jaw movement difficult. When these issues start to impact your daily life, it can be a sign that TMJ dysfunction is affecting you. People who experience chronic jaw pain can also develop problems with chronic teeth grinding, as well as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and even difficulty operating their jaw. Our Katy, TX dental office has experience treating people who start to develop jaw pain and sensitivity because of TMJ dysfunction. In addition to relieving your discomfort, we can use advanced technology to understand your condition, and provide lasting improvements.

Your Jaw Pain Could Be Linked To Issues Affecting Your Bite

A problem with your bite function can lead to jaw pain, as well as additional discomforts. You may be surprised to learn that even troubles with migraines can be traced back to your bite! Because of this, you should make sure to bring the matter up with your dentist if you start to have trouble with difficult or uncomfortable movement. By addressing the problem as soon as it starts to affect you, we can ensure you spend less time in pain.

Arranging Treatment For TMJ Dysfunction

Pain and stiffness from TMJ dysfunction can be addressed with Botox treatments. To ensure you are not aggravating your jaw joints and muscles further, we can perform a study of your bite to see what imbalances could be responsible for your current predicament. Once problems with your bite function and balance are identified, we can work with you on corrections that alleviate tension and let you live without discomfort.

We Can Discuss Restorative Dental Work To Make Biting And Chewing More Comfortable

It may be necessary to perform restorative dental work to put a stop to your ongoing discomfort. If you are not able to put pressure on certain teeth, restoring them with dental crowns can make it easier for you to improve the way you bite and chew. In other cases, orthodontic treatment can be recommended to ensure lasting bite improvement. We offer treatments with Invisalign aligners, so your adjustment can be discreet.

Reach Out To Lathrop Dental Center If You Are Experiencing Jaw Pain

Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX is ready to help patients who struggle with jaw pain, stiffness, and sensitivity because of TMJ dysfunction. It is important to address these problems when they start to affect you. Ignoring signs of TMJ dysfunction can lead to chronic migraines,dental damage from teeth grinding, and other concerns. In addition to identifying and treating your current problems, our office is ready to help our patients stay in good health, and avoid future issues. To set up an appointment, or learn more about our dental services, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.