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Can A Full Mouth Reconstruction Help You Regain Your Smile?

If you have experienced problems with your smile and oral health over the years, you may grow concerned that properly restoring your oral health will be difficult. You may even worry that you will have to track down the services of multiple specialists to address all of your problems. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we are ready to take on the needs of patients with varied dental health concerns. For your smile concerns, we may recommend starting a full mouth reconstruction. This is a tailored treatment plan that can address issues that affect the health and condition of your teeth, as well as problems like TMJ disorder, which can affect your quality of life.

Your Smile Can Suffer As Your Oral Health Worsens Over Time

People who stop attending regular dental exams can allow their teeth to fall into poor condition. If you have multiple teeth that appear unhealthy, and feel that the overall quality of your smile has been hurt, you can start to worry that your fully restored smile may be out of reach. At an initial evaluation, we can talk to you about the different problems affecting you before breaking down a potential treatment plan. We want to make sure that your full mouth reconstruction feels attainable, so we can work with you on the details of your different restorative dental procedures.

We Can Provide A Comprehensive Evaluation Of Your Oral Health

During an initial evaluation of your dental health, your dentist will look for all possible oral health issues that currently affect you. This meeting can focus on more than just the quality of your smile. If you have experienced problems with dental pain or sensitivity, we can use modern dental technology to study your bite, and determine if you could benefit from TMJ treatment.

Your Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Benefit Your Smile And Oral Health

A full mouth reconstruction’s first goal is to address all of the oral health troubles facing you. Modern dental crowns can be put in place to restore unhealthy teeth. These crowns can be made to match the look of your healthy dental enamel, so this can have the added benefit of improving your smile. If there are still concerns about your smile after all oral health issues are resolved, we can discuss cosmetic dental work to ensure you are truly happy with the way you look.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Full Mouth Reconstruction

At Lathrop Dental Center, you can arrange a full mouth reconstruction that can give you renewed confidence in your smile and oral health. We are proud to make dedicated, comprehensive oral health and cosmetic care available to Katy, TX residents, as well as those in surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.