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Issues With Migraines? Let Your Dentist Know

If you have recurring issues with migraines, you can have a difficult time keeping up with social obligations, focusing at work, and being present with friends and family. These severe headaches can be serious enough to take you away from your daily responsibilities even after you take aspirin. What can you do to put a stop to them? You might be surprised to learn that your dentist may be the right person to talk to about the matter. At our Katy, TX dental office, we have advanced technology that allows us to study your bite in order to identify problems with your dental function that can cause painful headaches. By making corrections to your bite function, we can help you reduce pressure on your jaw joints and muscles, and put an end to ongoing discomfort.

Headaches And Other Forms Of Discomfort Can Result If You Have Bite Issues

When a person has problems with their bite, they can unknowingly put serious pressure on their jaw joints and muscles on a frequent basis. If stress becomes an issue for your jaw, you can start to experience migraines, difficulty with your bite motion, and other concerns. People who develop these problems have what is known as TMJ disorder. While this problem can occur for many reasons, bite troubles are often responsible, particularly troubles that result from uneven movement. In order to help you evenly apply and release pressure, we may recommend disclusion time reduction therapy to gently correct your bite movement.

We Can Use Advanced Technology To Examine Patients With Signs Of TMJ Disorder

With pressure mapping technology, we can determine if your TMJ disorder is linked to issues with the way you open and close your mouth. The digital details we receive give us important insight into what stress your jaw joints and muscles might be under, and what areas are experiencing the most difficulties. This remarkably detailed information helps us customize a treatment plan for you.

Oral Health Issues Can Contribute To Your Bite Troubles

While you may have developed an improper bite motion, disclusion time reduction therapy may not be the only solution. Some people develop awkward bite movements because they have unresolved oral health issues. Poor dental alignment may be the reason your bite is flawed – if so, we can discreetly take care of the matter with Invisalign treatment. It may be necessary to restore certain teeth with dental crowns to make sure you can successfully maintain a better bite.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Your Issues With Migraines

At Lathrop Dental Center, we are ready to help you determine why you have issues with migraines, and we can find a lasting solution for your troubles. For more information, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.