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Is It Time To Look Into A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Over an extended period of time without professional dental health exams, you may allow several problems to form over time that require treatment. If this occurs, the idea of restorative dentistry can become intimidating to the point that you feel tempted to continue avoiding the dentist’s office. Your Katy, TX dentist can help you take on the challenges that come with having multiple oral health issues. A full mouth reconstruction can be arranged to target the different concerns that have affected your smile and dental health. By working with you throughout this process, your dentist can help you feel comfortable with treatment, and also give you confidence that you can soon look forward to showing off an attractive, healthy smile.

Put Plans In Place To Address All Of Your Smile Concerns

At an initial visit, you and your dentist can discuss all of your smile concerns in order to determine what care you might require. During this experience, we can make your health issues clear, and outline a plan to make sure everything is fully addressed. Our goal during the planning period is to find the most efficient means for taking care of your teeth while also making sure treatments fit your schedule.

Taking On Oral Health Concerns During Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

During a full mouth reconstruction, we can take on problems like tooth loss, dental decay, and even concerns with TMJ disorder that are hurting your oral health. Through prosthetic dental work, we can make sure any gaps are closed with lifelike restorations. Thanks to the use of dental implants, we can secure those restorations in order to make them more effective for providing biting and chewing support. In addition to replacing lost teeth, we can restore teeth affected by damage or decay with dental crowns. When dental crowns have restored unhealthy teeth, you can feel more confident in your smile, as these modern restorations can match the look of healthy teeth.

Making Smile Improvements During Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you no longer feel confident in your smile, a full mouth reconstruction can help. With that said, you may feel that your appearance is not where you want to be after having restorative work completed. In this case, we can discuss cosmetic dentistry after all of your oral health issues are addressed.

Lathrop Dental Center Is Ready To Take On Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX is prepared to help patients deal with a range of issues that have hurt their oral health and appearance. By starting your full mouth reconstruction, we can make sure that you have all of the necessary treatments to regain good oral health. For more information, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.