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Is This The Right Time To Start Your Invisalign Treatment?

The start of a new year often encourages people to take on large or intimidating tasks. If one of your goals for 2020 is to finally deal with poorly aligned teeth, our Katy, TX dentist’s office is here to help. You can find that an adjustment is easier to undergo than you previously imagined when you start to discuss treatment with Invisalign. Clear aligners can be used to discreetly move teeth that are too far apart, too close together, or otherwise appear to be out of place. A correction can give you a big boost in your confidence, and it can correct problems you might have with your bite function.

What To Expect When You Begin Treatment With Invisalign

Thanks to Invisalign aligners, patients who have been concerned about their appearance because of gaps and overlaps can enjoy a discreet answer to their problems. Your appliances will be custom-made from a clear plastic material that can be worn without drawing unwanted attention when you speak and smile. As time passes, you will move from one appliance to the next – as you make these changes, you will move closer to your ultimate smile improvement.

Orthodontic Work Can Help With More Than Just The Way You Look

While Invisalign treatment is a popular solution for cosmetic problems caused by poor alignment, this is more than just a way to make your smile more attractive. Your dentist may recommend an adjustment of your teeth if you have struggled with TMJ disorder because of an awkward or unbalanced bite. By shifting your teeth, your dentist can make it easier for you to bite and chew in a way that no longer aggravates your jaw.

What Else Can Your Katy, TX Dentist Do To Improve Your Smile?

Our practice is ready to help people who want to feel great when they smile! It is sometimes possible to restore a person’s smile by hiding gaps and overlaps with porcelain veneers. This cosmetic dental procedure is also useful for individuals who have concerns about dental discoloration, damages, or other flaws. We can also use modern treatments like laser gum contouring to help you deal with periodontal problems that hurt the quality of your appearance. If you are unsure of what the “right” course of action is when it comes to improving your smile, a consultation can help you find answers.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Invisalign Treatment

At Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, patients who are bothered by the alignment of their teeth can be excited to learn about the benefits of Invisalign treatment. These discreet appliances can gradually fix problems with teeth that are too far apart, too close together, or are otherwise out of place. To find out more, please contact our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.