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Easing Daily Pain Through Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy

A busy day can feel hectic enough when you are not also dealing with a headache, jaw pain, or some other symptom connected to TMJ disorder. Many people who live life with frequent pain affecting their face, neck, and head may not realize how their troubles might be linked to issues with their dental function. If your jaw joints are poorly aligned, or if you have a difficult time evenly applying bite pressure, the stress the situation creates on your jaw joints and muscles can become a big issue for you. In addition to causing TMJ disorder, an unaddressed bite problem can increase your risk for future dental injuries. With Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy, your Katy, TX dentist can work with you on fixing an unresolved problem with your bite in order to ease your recurring pains.

Issues With Your Bite Can Cause Migraines And Other Painful Problems

Problems with headaches, including migraines, may be a consequence of TMJ disorder. When your bite is uneven, or when your jaw is not properly aligned, tension that affects your jaw can lead to pain and limited movement that can reduce your quality of life. If you want to put a stop to migraines, neck pain, jaw pain and stiffness, and difficulties with speaking and eating, make an appointment to discuss your symptoms and concerns. Your dentist can also recognize when bite troubles might be present during a routine dental exam.

We Can Help You Make Positive Changes In Your Bite Function

Through Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy, your dentist can make changes to your bite function in order to alleviate your discomfort. The first part of your treatment will involve a measure of your bite, so that we can find where there might be imbalances in your application and release of pressure. With this information, we can better assess your oral health functions so that the appropriate therapeutic work can begin. Correcting flaws that affect the position and movement of your jaw can reduce stress, protect teeth from damage, and help you live without chronic pain.

Identifying Oral Health Concerns That Can Negatively Affect Your Bite

Sometimes, bite difficulties result because of unresolved problems with certain teeth. If you have a hard time biting down on certain teeth, it may be time to discuss restorative dental work. Dental crowns can improve your dental function, and protect vulnerable teeth from further harm. If your bite difficulties can be traced back to the way your teeth are aligned, we can begin to discuss orthodontic work.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Starting Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy

At Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, patients who are bothered by chronic pain and headaches may benefit from Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy. To find out if this care might be right for you, our office in Katy, TX can be reached at 832-437-3849.