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Cosmetic Dentistry And Porcelain Veneers – What To Expect

If you are starting to explore your options for cosmetic dental work, you may have felt excitement at the potential benefits of work involving porcelain veneers. When veneers are used, it is often possible to take care of several flaws at one time, and effectively provide someone with a smile makeover. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can provide cosmetic dental services that involve the use of custom veneers. We can perform an initial evaluation to discuss your treatment goals, and to take measurements to find the right shape and size for these restorations. When in place, they can improve your smile by making it more symmetrical, brighter, and generally more attractive!

What Smile Problems Can I Address With Veneers?

How would you characterize your smile in its current state? Are you bothered by teeth that appear blemished or discolored? Do you have problems with the condition of certain teeth that affect how uniform and healthy your smile looks? These different concerns can all be addressed with veneers. It is even possible to make corrections by hiding gaps and overlaps between teeth with your restorations! This can lead to results in considerably less time than it might take to straighten teeth with orthodontic work.

Your Smile Restoration With Custom Veneers

In order to successfully restore your smile, your dentist will meet with you during an initial appointment to determine the exact shape and size your veneers should be. In addition to performing this review, they can do preliminary work to make sure your veneers fit naturally. Once these restorations are ready, you can return to have them put in place.

While veneers provide greater durability for you after your procedure, you may be able to see results in a shorter time if you undergo bonding and contouring work. This procedure sees your dentist carefully reshape teeth, and use composite resin material to restore their appearance and color.

Maintaining Your Appearance After Cosmetic Work

After any cosmetic dental procedure, you can be excited to show off how you look, but you can also be worried about problems affecting the results of your work. Make sure you attend regular dental exams so that your dentist can regularly take care of your veneers. Be sure to avoid habits that involve biting and chewing on hard surfaces, as this can lead to damage to your restorations.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Dental Work With Porcelain Veneers

At Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, patients who want to do something about frustrating smile flaws can learn about the benefits of porcelain veneers! With veneers put in place, you can address many different concerns that you currently have about your appearance. For more information, please call our Katy, TX dentist’s office at 832-437-3849.