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Your Dentist Can Address Your Persistent Jaw Pain

When you choose to ignore problems with your jaw movement, you can ignore a problem that may lead to persistent headaches, habitual teeth grinding, and dental damage! If it has become difficult for you to move your jaw without stiffness or pain, it can mean an unresolved issue with your jaw or dental function has caused you to develop TMJ disorder. There are multiple causes of this problem, and it can put a person through multiple unpleasant symptoms. If you are experiencing difficulties that match the symptoms of TMJ disorder, tell your Katy, TX dentist. In addition to helping you understand what is happening, we can determine the right approach to treating the problem so that you no longer experience problems with jaw pain or stiffness.

Recognizing TMJ Disorder And Its Effects On Your Life

TMJ disorder can create several frustrating problems for a person. It may lead to you struggling to bite and chew, or even speak, without discomfort. It can make the act of moving your jaw uncomfortable or difficult. It can also produce symptoms in other areas. It may affect you by causing you to suffer persistent headaches. People with TMJ disorder can also experience pain or stiffness in their face and neck, and may begin grinding their teeth at night.

Making Beneficial Changes To Your Bite Function

Why has it become difficult for you to move your jaw? It could be an unaddressed problem with your bite function. Thanks to Tekscan pressure mapping technology, we actually have the ability to closely study your jaw movement and bite force application. By gathering details around your bite, we can determine if imbalances are present – these uncorrected problems can lead to you experiencing chronic pain, and they can lead to problems with certain teeth. Once issues have been identified, we can start to work on improving your bite movement to reduce stress on your jaw joints and muscles.

Have Bite Troubles Affected Your Dental Health? We Can Help

It may be necessary to restore certain teeth if you have left problems with your bite unresolved. Over time, an uneven bite can lead to wear and tear, and potentially to dental damage. If you have teeth that appear in poor health, we can provide dental crowns to restore and protect them. Crowns can also be helpful for restoring your bite function.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Your Persistent Jaw Pain

At Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, patients who struggle with jaw pain can come to us for support and treatment. We have modern technology that allows us to closely analyze your bite function and determine if problems with your jaw movement need to be addressed. Through this treatment, we have been able to help many people enjoy life without chronic pain! For more information, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.