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TMJ Disorder Can Cause Teeth Grinding – We Can Help

While there are several symptoms of TMJ disorder that should worry you, developing a habit of teeth grinding can be particularly concerning. When a person grinds their teeth frequently, they can cause dental wear and tear that hurts their smile, and may cause chips or cracks in their enamel. The action of clenching or grinding your jaw over time can also add to the stress that your joints and muscles are already under. Your Katy, TX dentist can find an effective solution for your problems so that these problems are stopped. With Botox treatment, we can reduce the tension that your jaw is under. We can also help you by finding imbalances in your bite function and correcting them.

These Issues Can Be Linked To TMJ Disorder

There are several symptoms of TMJ disorder that can be identified. A problem with teeth grinding, which often takes place at night, can often be linked to the problem. You can also experience painful migraines and headaches, develop a stiff or frequently sore jaw, and even experience pain in your face, neck, and shoulders.

Relieving Tension In Your Jaw Joints And Muscles

With Botox treatment, it is possible for us to reduce stress that your jaw joints and muscles are under. Through this treatment, we can start to ease the tension of your jaw so that you have relief from potentially frustrating symptoms. In addition to providing this relief, we can use advanced pressure mapping technology to study your bite and find imbalances that can lead to tension. When these have been identified, we can provide corrective therapies in order to help you enjoy lasting relief.

We Can Help You Make Lasting Improvements That Address TMJ Disorder

If you have imbalances in your bite function, TMJ disorder can affect your quality of life. After identifying imbalances, we can help you make changes to your bite function that lead to a more comfortable and even movement. In addition to this, we can recommend restorative dental work that can help your bite improve. Dental crowns can be placed on teeth that are not contributing enough to your bite function. If you have an uneven bite because your teeth are misaligned, we can recommend Invisalign as a discreet orthodontic solution.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You Address Teeth Grinding And TMJ Disorder

At Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, patients who are bothered by teeth grinding and frequent jaw pains can benefit from treatment for TMJ disorder. With the right care, we can bring relief to your problems, and help you correct issues like jaw grinding and clenching, as well as difficulties with your bite movement. To find out more, please call our Katy, TX dentist’s office at 832-437-3849.