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Invisalign Allows You To Discreetly Straighten Your Teeth

Is it really possible to start an orthodontic treatment and not find yourself wearing conspicuous metal braces? The visibility of traditional orthodontic appliances, along with your inability to remove them, can make them less appealing to you even if you are interested in finally doing something about frustrating smile alignment issues. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can offer Invisalign as a discreet alternative to the braces you might be familiar with. Invisalign appliances are easily removed by you, and they are hard for others to see. This can be particularly appealing to people who are concerned about maintaining their appearance in a professional or social environment, and for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of a fixed appliance.

Can I Really Enjoy Orthodontic Work Without Wearing Metal Braces?

For some people who have more serious alignment issues, it may be necessary to undergo treatment with traditional metal braces. However, many others are able to start treatment with Invisalign aligners. Your dentist can recommend the appropriate course of action for you after an evaluation of your teeth spacing. Even if you are not approved for Invisalign, you should be aware of the important benefits that come from straightening your teeth. Aside from the cosmetic benefits, you can also enjoy better bite alignment, which can reduce your risk for TMJ disorder.

What To Expect As You Wear Your Aligners

The choice to start treatment with Invisalign aligners instead of metal braces means you can feel more comfortable with the way you look in the office, or at social gatherings. Their clear plastic design makes Invisalign appliances difficult to notice, so they can be worn without garnering unwanted attention. You can also appreciate how easy it is to continue brushing, flossing, and eating like normal, as Invisalign aligners can be removed whenever they might be in your way.

Finding Other Solutions For Problems With Teeth Gaps And Overlaps

There may be alternatives to orthodontic work available to you, depending on the severity of your gaps and overlaps. After a review of your teeth, your dentist may determine that these issues can be addressed with porcelain veneers. Choosing to undergo cosmetic dental work can lead to the results you want in less time!

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Using Invisalign Aligners

At Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, patients who are bothered by their poor smile alignment can come to us to discuss the benefits of Invisalign. These appliances offer hep to people with smile gaps or overlaps, but do not attract the unwanted attention that metal braces can receive. To learn more about these appliances, or to discuss other options for smile care that might interest you, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.