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TMJ Disorder May Be Responsible For Your Stiff Jaw Movement

When your jaw starts to feel stiff, you can become reluctant to speak for fear of causing discomfort. If the problem becomes a consistent concern, you can grow uncomfortable doing things like laughing, speaking, and even eating! While it can be easy to see how these problems can affect your life, you may be less sure of how to address them. Problems that affect a person’s jaw movement and cause pain are known as TMJ disorder. If the matter is not addressed, it can lead to problems like increased facial and jaw pain, headaches, and even difficulty with movement. Our Katy, TX dentist can help you by examining your dental function and determining how we can address stress on your joints.

Why Am I Experiencing Problems With My Jaw?

There is no one issue that leads to problems with TMJ disorder. It can result because of a tendency to grind your teeth, arthritis in your jaw joints, and even an injury that causes a problem for your joint alignment. It can also stem from problems with your bite movement. If you have an awkward or uneven bite, it can lead to mounting stress that begins to affect your joints and muscles.

Understanding The Impact Of A Bad Bite On Your Quality Of Life

If you do not address a flawed bite movement, it can lead to TMJ disorder and other concerns. In addition to causing your persistent jaw pain, this matter can lead to excess wear and tear on certain teeth that will make them vulnerable to problems. After examining your bite function with pressure mapping technology, we can determine if therapy to change your movement might benefit you.

We Can Help You Maintain A Healthier, Better Bite

For some patients, restorative dental work can be part of a plan to address jaw pain. Through the placement of dental crowns, it is possible to restore teeth so that you are able to put pressure on them when you bite down. We can help you maintain your restored bite and smile after treatment during routine dental exams. During every review, we can check on the condition of your teeth and also watch out for any issues that suggest that you might have troubles with biting and chewing.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center In Katy, TX About TMJ Disorder Treatment

At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, patients who are experiencing problems with their jaw movement can come to us to discuss treatment. Through work to address TMJ disorder, we can help you feel more comfortable when you bite, chew, and speak! This is one of many services we can offer to help you manage your oral health. For more information, please contact Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.