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Including Implant Dentistry In Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ambitious smile improvements can be planned as part of a full mouth reconstruction. You can talk with your Katy, TX dentist about procedures to restore teeth in poor condition, change your bite function to address jaw pain, and even close gaps in your smile caused by tooth loss. When it comes to addressing tooth loss, we can talk with you about making plans to restore your smile through implant dentistry. Implant dentistry relies on biocompatible titanium posts to support dental restorations that you receive, giving you long-term stability and more comfort with your biting and chewing functions. In addition to replacing individual teeth through implant dentistry, we can also help you restore an entire row with implant dentures.

Missing Teeth Can Be A Big Problem For Your Oral Health

When it is time to consider a full mouth reconstruction, a patient can face many different problems with their oral health due to cavities, dental injuries, and problems with their bite function. While these are all noteworthy concerns, it is important to acknowledge the harm that tooth loss can do to your oral health. When you have even one tooth missing, it can be difficult for you to bite and chew, you can experience more wear and tear on remaining teeth, and you are at risk for further losses. Fortunately, the permanent support of an implant-held restoration can make it easier for you to make lasting improvements to your well-being and smile.

Dental Implants Have Benefits For Your Oral Health

Dental implants provide more than just a way to hold a replacement tooth in its proper position. The loss of your tooth means the loss of that tooth’s roots, which can be a problem for your jawbone. Our teeth roots stimulate the bone tissues when we bite and chew, and that stimulation is a signal for your body to send nutrients to your jaw. Without that stimulation, a loss of mass can occur. Implants are able to stimulate the bone so that this is not a problem any longer.

What Else Will It Take To Restore Your Smile?

A full mouth reconstruction plan will be designed by you and your dentist, with the goal being to improve your dental health and appearance by tackling all of the issues that separate you from a healthy smile. We can include plans to restore teeth with dental crowns, fix poor dental alignment, and even change your bite function to help you avoid future problems.

Start Planning Your Full Mouth Reconstruction At Lathrop Dental Center!

Is it time for you to consider a full mouth reconstruction? Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help patients take on the problems that have made them self-conscious about the way they look when they smile, as well as the issues that have hurt their oral health. For more information, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.