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We Are Ready To Provide Emergency Dental Services

Having access to emergency dental care can be important when something goes wrong. After suffering a dental injury, or in a period of serious dental discomfort, you can find yourself in need of care on short notice. While your Katy, TX dentist certainly hopes you never need it, you should know that you have access to treatment on short notice. We can bring you in to take care of serious discomfort or damage. By responding quickly with the appropriate restorative dental procedure, we can take care of discomfort and also limit your risk for complications. Because we use modern dental restorations, we can also restore your comfort with your smile through care.

Contact Us If You Have A Problem Calling For Urgent Care

If you think something might be wrong, and that it could require urgent attention, our practice is ready to talk with you. It is important to act quickly in a situation where your tooth’s health is in jeopardy. The longer you wait on treatment, the more likely you are to let a broken tooth suffer further harm, and the more time you spend in pain. If the tooth is loose or dislodged, waiting too long can lead to its loss.

Arranging Treatment On Short Notice

We can make arrangements to see you on short notice so that you have access to the emergency care you require. Consider the following when traveling to your appointment:

  • Be careful not to put pressure on a tooth that is chipped or cracked, as it could experience more structural damage
  • Over the counter pain relievers and gently applying ice to the affected area can help with some of the discomfort
  • If the tooth is knocked out and cannot be safely put back in place, avoid touching its roots and use warm milk to keep it moist when you travel

Can I Trust My Restored Tooth To Provide Bite Support?

Thanks to the strength of a dental crown, it is possible for a restored tooth to provide valuable functional support. In addition to helping with your dental function, a porcelain crown can help you ensure that your appearance is not changed by your restoration. If you receive a prosthetic tooth held by a dental implant to replace one that is lost, your restoration can still allow you to bite and chew without problems.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Is Ready To Respond To Your Dental Emergency

At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, patients who are affected by a dental emergency do have access to care. Our practice is a safe and welcoming environment, one where we can respond quickly to a problem that threatens your smile and oral health. To find out more, call Lathrop Dental Center today at 832-437-3849.