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Will My Smile Look The Same After Emergency Dental Work?

Even if your emergency dental work can save a tooth from being lost, you may worry that your smile is not going to be the same. Will people be able to notice which tooth experienced an injury? Can your dental restoration be counted on to fit in with the rest of your smile? While our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to act quickly if your tooth is injured, we can still work to provide you with quality smile care. By placing a custom dental crown on a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken, we can see to it that your oral health and appearance are appropriately restored.

Your Dentist Can Respond Quickly If You Suffer A Tooth Injury

If you injure your tooth, our practice is prepared to provide the work required to care for it on short notice. Unless the problem is also an issue for your overall health, you can bring the matter to your dentist rather than a general emergency room. When you arrive, we can examine the tooth that is damaged, assess how serious the matter is, and provide the appropriate care.

Restoring Your Oral Health May Involve Endodontic Treatment

In addition to physical damage, you also need to worry about the threat of infection after your tooth is injured. An infection occurs when bacteria make their way into the inner chamber of the tooth and begin attacking the living nerves within. Over time, those bacteria can spread and travel to different parts of the body – if left untreated, a tooth extraction may have to take place. When you treat an injury as an urgent matter, you can ensure that a root canal procedure occurs before the tooth’s condition grows this serious, and save it from being lost.

Your Tooth Can Be Protected By A Lifelike Crown

Because chips and cracks can be permanent, the restoration placed on your tooth will have to be permanent as well. Dental crowns made from porcelain and zirconia can do an admirable job imitating healthy tooth enamel. What this means is that when your tooth is restored, it can be restored in a way that preserves your smile! If you have a back tooth that needs to be treated, the esthetics of your dental work can be less important, but the tooth can require more durable support. For these teeth, we can recommend a metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal restoration.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Is Ready To Care For You During An Emergency

In the event that you injure your tooth and require emergency dental work, Lathrop Dental Center is prepared to help! Our patients in and around Katy, TX can rely on us to provide restorative work on short notice when they experience an injury. To find out more about our practice and our services, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.