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Your Dentist Is Prepared To Address Dental Emergencies

Are you prepared for a dental emergency? Because they are difficult to anticipate, and they can occur at especially inconvenient times, it is hard to say with certainty that you are “ready” to deal with one should it arise. With that said, you can be relieved to know that your Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to help patients when they experience dental trauma and need care on short notice. Instead of turning to an emergency room, you can alert our practice to your problem, and we can provide you with the necessary care as soon as possible. By supplying a modern restoration for your injured tooth, we can protect you against infection, problems with biting and chewing, and cosmetic concerns!

Emergency Treatments Can Be Arranged With Little Notice

Our practice understands that dental emergencies can occur without warning, and that they often happen outside of normal business hours. We also understand how important it can be to have access to care when something is wrong. When our patients need us for urgent dental work, we can arrange for them to undergo the required care to fully address a problem with their tooth.

What Does Emergency Care Typically Involve?

It is important to make sure that your tooth is fully cared for after an injury. That means confirming that your tooth has not suffered any internal damage, which can lead to long-term problems. Through root canal treatment, we can take care of your tooth if it has suffered an internal injury or infection. Once this is done, we can make sure that your tooth is effectively restored with a dental crown.

If you have a tooth that is knocked out, we can take care to see if it is possible to put back in place. If this is not something that can be done, we can provide you with a dental implant-held restoration to give you back your full smile!

Safely Traveling When Your Tooth Is Injured Or Dislodged

If your tooth is bleeding or partially broken, take care to gently apply gauze to the wound, and to keep the pieces as safe and clean as possible. Over the counter pain relievers can help you with any discomfort you are experiencing. If the tooth is knocked out completely, a container of water or milk can keep it moist so that it stays healthy outside of your mouth for longer. Be cautious when handling the tooth – touch the crown only, not the roots.

Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Is Prepared To Handle Dental Emergencies

Our Katy, TX dentist’s office hopes that our patients never need to see us about a dental emergency. With that said, we want you to know that our patients do have access to care on short notice, so they can have an issue addressed promptly. For more information, please call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.