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Does A Broken Dental Restoration Call For Emergency Work?

Like our natural teeth, dental restorations are strong enough to remain in good condition for many years. However, like with your natural teeth, there is a chance that a dental filling or dental crown can become damaged, which can pose a real problem for your oral health. Your Katy, TX dentist can take care of your smile if your restoration breaks, comes loose, or is completely lost. If the problem causes you pain, or puts your dental health in jeopardy, we can make arrangements to provide emergency dental work as needed. In addition to providing you with protection, a new restoration can imitate the appearance of your natural teeth and improve your smile.

A Broken Restoration Can Be A Big Problem For Your Tooth

If you have a restoration that becomes damaged, it can put you at risk for real oral health concerns. The damage may affect the tooth that is being protected, which can put it in jeopardy. In addition to leaving a vulnerable tooth exposed, the harm can result in further damage to your enamel that should be addressed. You may also have a difficult time biting, chewing, or even speaking when you have a damaged or unstable restoration.

Restoring A Damaged Restoration

If you have an older restoration that is no longer secure, or a filling or crown that is damaged, a replacement can be beneficial. Having a new restoration in place can ensure that your tooth stays protected, and it can make you more comfortable biting and chewing with a natural motion.

It should be noted that an old or new restoration, like your natural teeth, can be negatively impacted by poor habits. Be sure to keep your smile clean, and avoid biting or chewing on hard surfaces. If you are developing a teeth grinding habit linked to TMJ disorder, make sure your dentist is aware of the situation.

We Can Provide A Modern, Lifelike Restoration For Your Tooth

The modern fillings and crowns we provide during restorative dental work provide support for your appearance in addition to oral health support. A filling made from composite resin can be bonded directly to your enamel to keep it firmly in place. If you need more support than a filling can provide, we can have a crown made from porcelain restore a tooth that is in a visible space, which can preserve your smile.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Is Available To Provide Emergency Dental Services

Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients during a dental emergency. If a problem with your dental filling or crown puts your tooth in jeopardy, we can talk to you about the problem, and make time to see you for treatment. If you wish to learn more, call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.