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We Can Help You Fully Recover After A Dental Emergency

By putting a stop to active pain, your Katy, TX dentist can provide relief during a dental emergency. With that said, addressing your discomfort can be just one step out of many that are needed to fully restore your smile. As part of our commitment to caring for the dental health of the Katy community, we do provide urgent oral health services. When you come to see us for help, we can address the injury and also make plans to provide a permanent restoration for your tooth. If necessary, we are able to make plans to restore your smile if you have a tooth that cannot be saved.

Different Situations Can Call For Emergency Dental Work

There is no single “type” of dental problem that calls for emergency work. Chipping or cracking a tooth can call for urgent care, and so can an injury that leaves a tooth feeling loose. You may end up requiring care on short notice after developing a toothache that feels too serious to ignore. If you have a problem with your oral health that causes considerable discomfort, or puts a tooth at risk, reach out to our practice to explain the matter, and we can work with you to provide prompt care.

The Importance Of Having Access To Care On Short Notice

If your tooth is damaged, knocked loose, or knocked out completely, there may be a shrinking window of time where the tooth can be successfully restored. With access to emergency services, you can make an appointment before this window closes, and the tooth has to be replaced. Urgent care is also beneficial because you are able to see your dentist for relief from a severe toothache, and do not have to go to a general emergency room for help.

What Can You Expect After Emergency Work Is Completed?

Some dental emergencies will lead to tooth loss even with prompt care. However, it is possible to save a patient’s smile in this situation thanks to prosthetic dental work. Through implant dentistry, we can arrange to permanently secure a dental crown that closes a gap in your smile and restores your dental function. In cases where a tooth can be saved, the process of caring for you can involve a root canal procedure to address internal damage, as well as the placement of a permanent dental crown. To preserve your appearance, we can arrange to have your crown made from lifelike porcelain.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Can Help You Fully Recover After A Dental Emergency

Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help individuals who experience dental emergencies! If you have questions about these services, or if you wish to learn more about our practice, you can reach Lathrop Dental Center by calling 832-437-3849.