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Make Sure Your Hurt Tooth Stays Safe Before Emergency Work

Because our Katy, TX dentist’s office provides services during dental emergencies, we can respond quickly when you suffer a dental injury. With that said, you still have to worry about the condition of your tooth, or multiple injured teeth, before you arrive for treatment. How can you avoid making the problem with a chipped, cracked, or otherwise harmed tooth worse? What can you do to safely transport a lost tooth to see if it can be put back in place? It is important that you avoid creating new problems for a tooth after an injury, as that additional damage may complicate what has to be done for treatment. With that said, smart precautions can keep your tooth’s condition from worsening while also helping you limit discomfort.

Seek Treatment Before Your Tooth’s Condition Worsens

If your tooth is chipped, cracked, or broken, you should treat the matter as a priority. Letting it go unchecked and untreated can allow the tooth’s condition to grow more serious, or it can lead to further damage to your enamel. Emergency dental services help patients make time to see their dentist about a problem promptly. This can limit the amount of discomfort you ultimately experience, and it can ensure you have your tooth restored before the situation grows worse.

Protecting A Tooth That Is Chipped Or Cracked

While a chipped or cracked tooth can remain firmly in place, you do have to worry about the long-term effect of an infection on a tooth that goes untreated. Even a minor fracture in your enamel can allow bacteria to enter and attack your pulp. When this occurs, it can make the tooth feel sensitive or painful, and it can lead to swelling. Your dentist may need to perform a root canal procedure if there is a concern about an infection.

If you have treatment scheduled on short notice, you can avoid a situation where you have to “work around” your tooth while you eat. It is important that you minimize pressure on a tooth that is already broken, as more damage can occur. If you are bleeding, use gauze or clean cloth to gently apply pressure.

Safely Moving A Dislodged Tooth

While a lost tooth cannot be saved under all circumstances, emergency treatment can improve your chances of having it put back in place without issue. To improve your chances of having your tooth restored, try to make the appointment as soon as possible, and take care to only touch the tooth by its crown (the portion visible above your gum line). To further care for the tooth, use a container of milk to keep it from drying out before your appointment. If a tooth cannot be saved, we can talk about restoring your smile with a dental implant-held restoration.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Can Take Care Of Your Dental Emergency

At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, individuals who experience dental injuries can reach out to us for emergency services. To learn how we can help with an urgent oral health matter, please call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.