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Tell Your Dentist If You Are Struggling With Tooth Pain

Emergency dental visits are not always arranged to deal with physical injuries. Sometimes, a patient will reach out for urgent care because of severe dental pain. The discomfort that person feels can be hard to ignore, and it can also be a warning that your tooth is in poor health. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can work with you on short notice if you start to experience problems with pain. After an evaluation, we can determine what treatment might be necessary to stop the problem and return your smile to good health. Root canal treatment is typically used to solve issues with discomfort, as they can stem from internal tooth problems.

Scheduling Emergency Work For Severe Tooth Pain

You may not know why your tooth hurts so much, but it can become difficult to deny that something is wrong when you have issues with sensitivity or general discomfort. If you feel more pain than you can easily ignore, our practice can work out plans to see you for emergency treatment. By making this type of care available, we can catch a potentially serious problem before it worsens and makes a tooth extraction necessary.

Why Does My Tooth Hurt So Much?

Lingering tooth pain after an injury, or discomfort that forms without an obvious cause, may be due to an infection. Internal infections can form when a cavity goes untreated, as the decay can expose your pulp to harmful microbes that attack the living tissues within. You may also experience internal problems after an injury, even if it did not cause physical trauma.

What To Expect After Your Emergency Treatment

In order to address an internal injury, your dentist can perform a root canal procedure. The root canal will involve the safe and comfortable removal of infected tissues within your tooth before the pulp is sealed to prevent new problems from developing. Once this is done, a custom dental crown can protect your tooth.

Unfortunately, an infection can do enough harm to result in tooth loss. If a tooth is too damaged to be saved, we can work out a plan to restore your smile through implant dentistry. Once in place, a dental implant can hold a permanent restoration, which can improve your smile as well as your bite function.

Your Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help You Deal With Tooth Pain

Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you when you struggle with serious dental pain. For discomfort that is hard to ignore, we can set up an emergency appointment to address the issue before it has the opportunity to worsen. We provide urgent care in addition to a range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments that help people in our community feel more confident with their smiles. To find out more, call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.