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Managing Pain From A Dental Problem Before Treatment

Our Katy, TX dental practice has experience helping patients when they need urgent attention. We can arrange an emergency dental procedure for you on short notice, and can even help patients set up same-day visits when possible. Of course, no matter how soon your appointment is, you are still stuck feeling discomfort until you are able to arrive to undergo restorative dental work. What can you do to control discomfort until your treatment begins? The right actions in advance of your visit can help you control pain or sensitivity. While controlling some discomfort can make a problem feel bearable, be careful not to ignore something potentially serious, as the condition of your tooth can worsen!

Serious Tooth Pain Can Call For Emergency Treatment

Dealing with serious tooth pain can make a person eager to see their dentist for urgent care. It can also be a sign that the tooth is in poor shape, and may be at risk of being lost without treatment! Our practice wants patients to take discomfort after an injury, as well as discomfort without an obvious cause, seriously. With that in mind, we want people to know that they can reach out to us at times when they want treatment as soon as possible. Emergency care can put an end to discomfort, and it can help ensure a problem is dealt with before there are complications.

Managing Discomfort Before You Arrive At The Dentist’s Office

What can you do to minimize your discomfort before you show up for your appointment? An over the counter pain reliever can make your pain feel manageable, at least until you are in the dentist’s chair receiving attention for the problem. Ice packs and cold compresses can help with discomfort as well as any swelling that might be occurring. Be cautious when trying to stop or slow bleeding. Carefully place clean cloth or gauze at the site of bleeding, but avoid putting too much pressure, as you could cause more damage.

Be Careful Not To Do Further Harm To An Already Vulnerable Tooth

If a tooth is broken, loose, or dislodged, be careful when handling it, as you could do further harm. Light pressure can help you put a tooth back in place, or control bleeding, but too much force may lead to more damage to your enamel. If you lose your tooth, take care to hold it by its crown only, and use milk to keep it from drying out before your visit. Once in the office, work can be done to restore the tooth and protect it with a dental crown.

Your Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help You Deal With A Problem Causing Tooth Pain

Our Katy, TX dentist’s office has experience taking care of patients who required urgent treatment for their dental problem. To find out more about our services, or to set up an appointment, call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.