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Is There Really A Way To Schedule A Same-Day Dental Visit?

If you injure a tooth, or if you start to experience pain that is difficult to endure, you can be eager to see your dentist as soon as possible to have the matter treated. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is aware that patients sometimes require attention on short notice, and with minimal delay. In these circumstances, we can welcome patients to come in for an emergency dental appointment. When possible, we can make time to see someone on the day they reach out. This is important because it means they spend less time in pain, but it also makes it more likely that a tooth can be saved if it is dislodged or in poor condition.

Emergency Care Can Shorten The Time You Spend In Pain

Simply put, some dental problems can be too painful to ignore. If you find yourself in a situation where an aching, broken, or loosened tooth is causing severe discomfort, you can let your dentist’s office know in order to arrange treatment on short notice. Before you arrive, consider taking an over the counter pain reliever, like aspirin, to make your discomfort easier to bear. You can also ease pain and sensitivity with ice or a cold compress.

Will It Be Possible To Save A Lost Or Damaged Tooth At Your Appointment?

Care on short notice can make it more likely that a badly hurt, loosened, or dislodged tooth can be saved. Timing can be especially important for a tooth that is completely dislodged. You can prolong how long it can remain out of place by carrying it in a container of milk to keep it from becoming too dry. Take care to only handle the tooth by the crown, and to not touch its roots.

In the event a tooth cannot be saved even during emergency care, you can discuss implant dentistry to restore your smile. Having a dental implant to support a crown can give you bite support, and it can restore your full smile.

Emergency Care Can Be Good For Your Smile And Oral Health

During emergency dental work, our practice can determine how to restore your oral health in a way that preserves your smile. Injuries or infections that affect teeth that are more visible can be especially concerning, but they can be addressed with dental crowns that are made from porcelain or zirconia. These materials can be selected because they are able to closely match the appearance of healthy enamel, and they can be tinted to match the color of your neighboring teeth.

Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Is Prepared To Help During A Dental Emergency

Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients when they need to see a professional as soon as possible for a dental injury, or for an issue with severe pain. If you would like to learn more, please call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.