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Emergency Visits Help With More Than Just Tooth Injuries

If your tooth has not been injured in an accident, and shows no signs of trauma, is there a way to arrange an emergency dental visit? Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is aware of how painful problems with a tooth infection can be, and because of this we are prepared to welcome people experiencing symptoms of this problem on short notice. During your visit, we can check on the condition of the tooth and determine if a root canal treatment is necessary. Through this procedure, an internal issue can be resolved so that you no longer have issues like pain, swelling, or sensitivity to worry about. In addition to arranging treatment for an infection, we can take care to restore the tooth with a dental crown so that it remains safe and supported.

Scheduling An Emergency Appointment Because Of Swelling Or Tooth Pain

If your tooth has not been injured, but it becomes painful, sensitive, or swollen, you may have a serious dental problem. These issues can stem from an unresolved infection. Infections form whenever a cavity is not treated in time, and bacteria are able to attack the inner chamber of a tooth. This can also occur after an injury, even one that does not appear to have damaged your tooth.

You May Require Endodontic Treatment

If there is a concern about a tooth infection, a root canal procedure can be required. This will see your dentist take care to access your pulp, the inner chamber of your tooth, to remove infected tissues that are contained within. Once this is done, the pulp can be sealed to protect the tooth and its roots from further problems. This work does make it necessary to restore a tooth with a dental crown. We can provide a crown made from lifelike zirconia or porcelain if this restoration will be visible when you smile and speak.

Unfortunately, some people who experience symptoms of an infection may not arrive in time for the tooth to be saved. If there is no way to restore its health, its extraction can be performed. Once this is done, we can discuss the placement of a prosthetic appliance held by a dental implant.

What To Expect After Your Dental Work Is Performed

After any dental procedure, you should feel confident that your tooth is in good health, and that you can bite and chew without problems. Restorations are designed to offer lasting support, which means the tooth can remain safe for many years. With that said, you should take care of it by practicing good oral hygiene at home, and by having your dentist examine it during regular dental checkups.

Your Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help You During A Dental Emergency

At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, patients who worry about a possible tooth infection can reach out to us to arrange an emergency dental visit. For more information, call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.