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See Your Dentist To Find The Reason Behind Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be difficult to ignore in any situation, but it can be especially upsetting to have an issue with discomfort that has no obvious cause. When people are unsure of why they are in pain, they may think that the problem must not be serious. Unfortunately, this could be far from the case – an aching or sensitive tooth may be warning you that you have an infection in need of treatment! Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help individuals who struggle with dental discomfort, even when they need attention on short notice. Reach out to schedule an evaluation – if necessary, we are able to arrange emergency dental visits for people who are struggling with discomfort.

Tooth Pain Is Often Difficult To Ignore

Tooth pain is difficult to ignore, even when you rely on pain relievers to dull discomfort. The problem can aggravate you throughout the day, and it can make biting and chewing difficult during every meal and snack. Because of this, people are often ready to have an appointment set as soon as possible. Because tooth pain can be a symptom of a potentially severe cavity, prompt treatment can be important for preventing complications like tooth loss.

Your Discomfort Could Be A Symptom Of A Cavity!

While a cavity only damages your tooth enamel at the beginning, the problem can affect more of your tooth structure as decay spreads. When enough harm is done, the tooth becomes vulnerable to an infection. An infected tooth can cause pain and sensitivity, and you may experience changes in the color of the tooth. It is also possible for swelling to occur around it. The problem causes discomfort because bacteria are able to attack the living tissues that are located in the pulp, the central chamber of the tooth. Until a root canal procedure is performed, the problem will worsen, and you face the risk of having bacteria leave the tooth and attack other areas. Once the health of your tooth is restored, a dental crown can be put in place to keep it safe.

Emergency Visits Can Shorten The Time Patients Have To Spend In Discomfort

While not every toothache is caused by dental decay, it is important to take a possible symptom of advanced decay seriously. When patients are concerned about the health of a tooth, or when they find it difficult to ignore the pain they feel, they can set up emergency dental work. Treatment on short notice helps patients by stopping discomfort, and by preventing further complications from occurring.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a difficult problem to ignore, and not something that you should disregard or “wait out” in the hopes it will subside on its own. To learn how our Katy, TX dentist’s office can take care of you during a dental emergency, contact Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.