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Seek Treatment If You Lose A Dental Filling Or Crown

If your tooth is chipped or cracked, you can recognize the need for emergency dental work without hesitation. Should you show that same concern if you have a dental filling or dental crown become damaged? A problem with a restoration is not something to take lightly. You are meant to keep a filling or crown in place for the life of the tooth. In other words, that tooth’s need for support is permanent. If a problem arises, you are vulnerable to more dental damage, your risk for an infection goes up, and it can be difficult for you to comfortably bite and chew. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you in this situation. By arranging an emergency appointment, you can receive the appropriate restorative dental work and regain support for a vulnerable tooth!

Losing A Restoration Puts Your Tooth At Risk

If you lose a filling or crown, a tooth that was previously restored becomes vulnerable to new concerns. Without protection, that tooth may be difficult to protect against a possible infection. It can also be hard for you to avoid troubles with biting and chewing, as it may be sensitive to pressure. The sooner you deal with this problem, the sooner you can put these difficulties behind you. It can also be important to check on a tooth after losing a restoration because an injury may have taken place at the time you lost your filling or crown.

Scheduling An Appointment When A Filling Or Crown Is Broken, Loose, Or Lost

After letting our practice know what happened, you can come in to have an evaluation and treatment. A filling will be replaced with a new restoration, while it is sometimes possible to save a dental crown that has fallen out. With that said, your dentist will closely evaluate the tooth to determine what the right solution is to protect it, rather than do what conveniently protect the tooth for the time being. You may now require more support than a filling requires, making a dental crown necessary. It is also possible that your dentist will need to provide a new crown because a change in the old one’s condition has made it less effective at protecting you.

We Can Also Check On The Condition Of Your Tooth At Your Appointment

If your tooth is found to be injured, treatment can be necessary before putting a new appliance in place. Internal problems can be addressed through root canal treatment, so there is no concern about an infection.

Your Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Help With A Lost Filling Or Crown

At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help if our patients require emergency dental services. If you lose a filling or crown, or experience any other issue calling for urgent care, please call Lathrop Dental Center at 832-437-3849.