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Why An Untreated Cracked Tooth Is An Infection Risk

How alarmed should you be if you notice that your tooth appears cracked after an injury? Even if the crack appears to be small, this damage can have long-term consequences that you should know about. After your enamel is damaged, you face a higher risk for developing an infection. Infections allow bacteria to attack living tissues within tooth’s pulp, or its central chamber. In time, this can lead to issues with pain and sensitivity – eventually, a cavity can become so serious that your tooth has to be extracted! Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to restore a cracked tooth. To make sure you avoid oral health complications, we can provide emergency dental services after your injury.

Damage To Your Enamel Can Lead To Serious Issues For A Tooth

When a tooth’s enamel becomes damaged, a risk for infection can develop. You may be vulnerable to bacteria buildup in a space that is difficult to clean, making you more vulnerable to decay. If a crack in the tooth is deep enough, oral bacteria can gain access to the pulp and cause a painful infection to occur. Until the tooth is fully restored, this issue can be a recurring concern. The threat can grow if pressure from biting and chewing causes more harm to your enamel.

Scheduling Treatment On Short Notice

If you are worried about a dental injury, you should know that treatment can be arranged with minimal delay. This is possible because our practice is prepared to respond to dental emergencies. After you set up your appointment, you can come in to have an injured tooth evaluated to see if you might need a root canal procedure. This procedure removes bacteria and damaged tissues from within a tooth, stopping a problem from worsening. After this occurs, the tooth can be restored with a custom dental crown.

What Will My Tooth Look Like After Treatment?

Is emergency treatment going to address a problem with your smile, or just your oral health? In the event that you suffer an injury that affects a tooth in a visible space, we can discuss using lifelike materials like porcelain or zirconia to craft your crown. Once the crown is put in place, it can keep the tooth safe while ensuring that it remains supported!

Schedule Emergency Care For A Cracked Tooth At Lathrop Dental Center!

Our Katy, TX dentist’s office understands that problems can occur suddenly, and we want patients to know that they have access to urgent care when they require it. If necessary, we can address a cracked tooth on short notice so that your smile and oral health are restored with minimal delay. To learn more, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.