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An Untreated Cavity Can Turn Into A Dental Emergency

After a cavity forms, it can do increasing harm to your tooth structure. With that said, you may not notice when decay first becomes an issue. Without regular dental exams, cavities can form and grow gradually without drawing attention. However, when the problem becomes serious enough to cause a tooth infection, the matter can feel hard to ignore. The pain you feel from an infection can be serious. In fact, you may develop a degree of pain that is hard to endure, let alone ignore. In this situation, know that your Katy, TX dentist is prepared to see you for an emergency dental procedure. During this visit, we can take care of advanced decay with a root canal procedure before restoring the tooth!

Untreated Issues With Tooth Decay Can Lead To Serious Discomfort

If a cavity has enough time to spread, bacteria can eventually infiltrate the tooth’s pulp and create problems for you. The infection that forms can cause swelling, and may affect the color of a tooth. It can also make biting and chewing difficult until you have treatment. It should be noted that in addition to damaging the tissues within the tooth, bacteria will be able to create further trouble as they multiply and spread through the tooth’s roots.

Restoring A Tooth Affected By Advanced Decay

Through root canal therapy, we are able to restore a tooth that has become infected. The root canal procedure will involve the careful accessing of the tooth’s inner chamber, or pulp, in order to remove bacteria and diseased tissues. Once this has been done, the pulp is sealed so that there are not future problems with infection. Having this done can effectively put an end to your tooth pain. To complete your treatment, your dentist will restore the tooth with a dental crown. In addition to keeping a tooth safe, your crown can provide support for biting and chewing.

Am I At Risk For Losing My Tooth?

There is the potential for a cavity to grow so serious that the tooth must be extracted. If this happens, your complete smile can still be restored. To accomplish this, we can recommend the placement of a dental implant to hold a custom restoration. Once it is secured, the implant can provide stability for an artificial tooth that lets you bite, chew, and speak without feeling awkward or worried over your prosthetic.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist If You Are Worried About Advanced Tooth Decay

Our practice understands that some problems can call for attention as soon as possible. If you start to struggle with worrying dental pain, we can discuss treatment – even if you need to set up an emergency appointment! To learn more, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.