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Restoring Teeth That Are Affected By Physical Damage

You should put effort into protecting your smile every day so that it stays safe against problems with tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, this does not make you completely free of risk, as your healthy smile can be badly disrupted due to physical trauma. Dental injuries are hard to anticipate, but they can create big concerns for your appearance and oral health. To help you recover, and avoid complications, our Katy, TX dentist’s office does accept emergency dental appointments. We can bring you in on short notice to make sure that your smile is cared for, and that your tooth is properly restored. We can also make sure that the injury does not lead to any lingering problems that can worsen without treatment.

The Right Treatment Can Protect A Tooth And Preserve Its Appearance

Restoring your tooth can mean more than just covering it with a dental crown. While crowns are good at protecting damaged enamel and restoring your bite, your emergency appointment may need to include root canal therapy before we move forward with the placement of a restoration. This procedure is often linked to tooth decay, but it is necessary whenever internal damage affects a tooth. After treating your pulp, we can seal it to keep it secure before providing you with a custom crown.

We Can Care For Your Smile On Short Notice

Emergency dental care can ensure that your smile is restored without a frustrating delay. While it can be a relief to minimize the time you spend with a visibly chipped or cracked tooth, this is about more than just giving you back your smile. An injured tooth can continue to hurt, and it may be vulnerable to more damage if you put pressure on it. By seeing you as soon as possible, we can make sure that the matter is settled before there are complications that you have to worry about!

What If My Tooth Is Knocked Out?

A knocked-out tooth is a serious problem, but it is one that we are ready to address. Handle the tooth carefully – only touch its crown, and use milk to keep it from becoming dried out before your appointment. If possible, we can return and restore it to preserve your smile. If this is not possible, we can discuss treatment to restore your smile with a dental implant-held appliance.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist’s Office About Restoring Your Damaged Tooth

Dental injuries are something that our practice takes seriously. If you find yourself in need of care as soon as possible, we can bring you in and deliver the care you require! To find out more about our emergency and routine services, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.