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Recognizing When A Dental Problem Calls For Urgent Care

If you think something is wrong with your tooth, you should reach out to your dentist for help. This can be obvious, but what is sometimes less obvious is how urgent a problem is, and whether you should ask to set up an emergency dental appointment. When a tooth is physically injured, when you have a severe toothache, or when you have a problem with a loose or lost restoration, putting off treatment can be a mistake. The sooner you act to have these problems addressed, the less likely you are to experience complications that change how your treatment has to proceed. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office wants patients to know that they have access to emergency care, and to know that postponing services can lead to problems.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have A Serious Dental Problem?

If you think that a problem might be serious, reach out to our practice as soon as possible. Emergency procedures are offered for more than just physical injuries that affect a tooth’s condition. We can also recommend urgent care if a dental crown or dental filling is lost, if something becomes stuck between teeth and cannot be dislodged with floss, or if you are in a worrying amount of pain. Once you make contact with our practice, we can review the problem and make plans to bring you in for care.

What To Expect During Your Dental Emergency

After you arrive, your dentist will work with you to ease discomfort and determine what needs to happen to restore your oral health. The type of care you receive will depend on why you have set up your appointment. With that said, certain services can be required under several circumstances. For example, we may need to provide root canal therapy because of a toothache, or because a tooth has been chipped or cracked. You can also expect to receive a custom dental crown in these different circumstances.

Managing Discomfort Before You Arrive

There are a few actions you can take to minimize discomfort that you feel before you arrive to undergo treatment. An over the counter pain reliever will make it easier to endure discomfort before you are in the dentist’s chair. An ice pack or cold compress can be effective for managing active pain from a physical injury.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Provides Urgent Care For Patients

If you think a problem with your oral health calls for urgent attention, reach out to our practice as soon as you can to let us know what is happening. We have experience taking care of patients who require oral health support on short notice, and we can respond quickly to help return your smile to good condition! To find out more, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.