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Making Dental Care Comfortable For Special Needs Patients

For someone with special needs, even a routine dental exam can be difficult to arrange. Sometimes, families will have to turn to general medical facilities to arrange any professional oral health services for a loved one who has difficulty in a dentist’s office. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to accommodate those who have had trouble finding a practice that can help them. We work with anesthesiologists who can safely sedate patients and make different services easier. Having access to dependable dental care is important. Over time, regular checkups help patients avoid problems with tooth decay and gum disease that can worsen and cause pain, as well as complications that impact their general well-being.

Has It Been Hard To Find A Practice That Can Care For Your Loved One?

Finding a welcoming and dependable dental office is important for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy smile. If you have a loved one with special needs, it may have been especially difficult for you to find an office ready to give them the help they need. We are prepared to help you make sure that you have access to regular care, and that you have a dental office you can turn to if you need to schedule restorative dental work to resolve active problems.

What Sedation Does To Help Patients With Special Needs

Dental sedation can be used under many circumstances. Some form of sedation can be recommended if a patient is having more involved restorative work done, like the performance of root canal therapy. It can also be used to ease discomfort felt by a patient with dental anxiety, or someone who has difficulty with oral health treatment. We work with anesthesiologists who can safely sedate patients and keep them comfortable. By providing this service, we can make sure those with special needs are able to receive care and feel comfortable throughout an appointment.

Making The Most Of Your Access To Regular Dental Care

Without access to routine dental exams, patients become vulnerable to potentially serious oral health issues. Those issues include problems with dental infections that become painful and make you vulnerable to tooth loss! In the course of a checkup, your dentist can identify and treat any problems that might arise and resolve them before complications become a concern.

Lathrop Dental Center Offers Quality Care And Support For Special Needs Patients

Lathrop Dental Center understands that some people can have a difficult time arranging oral health services in a traditional dental office environment. If you are looking for a practice ready to support a loved one with special needs, let us know! To find out how we can help you, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, at 832-437-3849.