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Setting Up An Emergency Visit For Dental Pain

In times when dental pain is too serious to ignore, what can you do to manage your discomfort before a dental appointment? Will you have to tolerate this heightened degree of pain for an extended period of time while you wait for an opportunity to be seen by your dentist? At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are committed to making ourselves available to people with potential oral health emergencies. Significant or persistent tooth pain can call for urgent care. In addition to putting an end to your pain with less delay, prompt care can make it more likely that a vulnerable tooth can be saved!

Dental Pain Is Not Something You Want To Ignore

If you have concerns around dental pain, take them seriously! Until your tooth receives the appropriate restorative dental work, its condition can grow progressively worse. Pain that continues to affect you can be the result of an infection, something that will continue to cause problems and can eventually make extracting a tooth necessary.

Going In For Emergency Dental Treatment

When you think something is wrong and you need treatment as soon as possible, let us know! When we bring you in, your dentist will be able to closely evaluate the tooth and see what needs to be done for it. To stop a problem with infection, we can perform root canal therapy before the restoring the tooth to keep it safe. Before you arrive for treatment, you can reduce your discomfort by using over the counter pain relievers, like aspirin, and you can use an ice pack or cold compress to numb the area.

Will Treatment Hurt My Smile?

Because a tooth infection can grow serious enough to make tooth extraction necessary, it is fair to say that your dental trouble can put your smile at risk. The good news is that when we commit to treating you, we can make sure your smile and oral health are both properly restored! Even if your tooth has to be removed, we can make plans to replace it with a lifelike dental crown held by a dental implant. Crowns are also used to restore teeth after root canal therapy. Their coverage does more than just keep a vulnerable tooth safe from further harm, they can provide important support for biting and chewing.

Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Address Your Dental Pain

Our dentist’s office in Katy, TX is ready to help patients when they need to see someone on short notice. If you have a problem with dental pain or sensitivity, or if your tooth is physically damaged, let us know and we can bring you in as soon as possible for support. To find out more, or to discuss an appointment, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!