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Carrying Your Dislodged Tooth To The Dentist’s Office

Is there really a chance that your lost tooth can be saved? There may be a way to restore what you have lost, but the damage to the tooth structure and the time it takes you to see your dentist can affect your chances for a successful restoration. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, patients are encouraged to contact us as soon as they can when a dental emergency affects them. By letting us know your tooth has been knocked out, we can make plans to see you on short notice and do what we can to save the tooth. In the event that a tooth cannot be returned to its socket, our focus can shift from restorative dental work to save the tooth to a focus on replacing it with a lifelike and durable prosthetic appliance.

Is There Really A Chance My Tooth Can Be Saved?

A knocked out tooth can be saved, but there may only be a limited time where this can occur. Simply put, if you delay a trip to the dentist’s office after suffering a chipped, cracked, broken, or lost tooth, you are more likely to face complications. For teeth that are already out of socket, prompt care can be key for saving a tooth. To further increase your chances of having it put back in place, it is important that you handle the tooth correctly:

  • Only hold the tooth by its crown (the portion that always resides above the gum line), not its roots
  • If you need to clean it, wash it carefully and leave organic matter on the tooth
  • Use a small container of milk to hold the tooth to keep it from drying out before you see your dentist

Arranging Emergency Dental Services

Any time our patients need to see us on short notice, we can bring them in for emergency dental services. Tooth pain, damage to your tooth structure, and problems with loosened or lost teeth can call for swift action. Injuries and infections will worsen over time if they are not treated, and they can make it difficult for you to bite and chew comfortably until care is provided. Reach out as soon as possible when your problem arises so that we can prepare to see you. Once you arrive, your dentist will start work by examining the issue and determining what can be done.

What To Expect From Urgent Restorative Dental Work

If a tooth can be saved, it may take root canal therapy and the placement of a dental crown to ensure that an injured, infected, or dislodged tooth can stay safe. In the event that your tooth is lost and cannot be put back in its socket, we can begin plans to restore your smile with a dental implant-held replacement tooth.

Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Can Take Care Of Your Dislodged Tooth

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to take care of patients when they have dental emergencies that need to be addressed. To find out more about our urgent care, or to discuss routine services that we provide, call our dentist’s office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!