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We Take Care To Make Our Special Needs Patients Comfortable

At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, our commitment to caring for our patients includes making them feel comfortable and safe throughout their treatment experience. We understand that for individuals with special needs, it can be difficult to find a practice that can effectively anticipate and address their needs and provide a truly positive experience. For some families, the struggle to find the right dental office can leave them with no option beyond visiting a general medical practice, even when they just need to schedule routine care! Our practice can work closely with special needs patients and their family members to make sure they are receiving the right kind of care, and to make sure they can comfortably see us for different oral health needs!

Are You Looking For A Dentist Who Can Help Your Loved One With Special Needs?

Have you struggled to find a dental practice that is truly ready to help your loved one enjoy consistent oral health care? It can sometimes be hard to find the right practice when someone you care about has different needs that other dentists have not been prepared to meet. While it can be frustrating to feel that your only option is to go to a general clinic for help, many turn to this option for a lack of alternative sources of help. Our team is prepared to help those who might need a different approach to care, and we can help a person you care about enjoy treatment in a supportive and accommodating environment.

Making Treatment Experiences More Comfortable For Special Needs Patients

One measure we take to make sure special needs comforts are comfortable is to meet with them and their family to learn how we can best serve them. For those who might struggle to receive dental work in any circumstances, we can provide dental sedation to make the experience easier on them. We work with anesthesiologists who can make sure that our patients are comfortable and relaxed even if they might have a hard time with treatment.

Consistent Dental Care Is Important

When you know that you can count on a dental practice to help you or a loved one, it can be easier to keep scheduling appointments and stay committed to good oral hygiene. Regular dental exams provide an important line of defense against problems that might require restorative dental work, and they can help prevent other dental troubles that might affect a person’s quality of life.

Your Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help Special Needs Patients

Lathrop Dental Center is proud to make oral health services available to families in and around Katy, TX. We are ready to help patients with special needs receive important dental health care, even when they have struggled to receive care in other dental practice environments. To find out more, please call our dentist’s office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!