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Why You Should Make Treatment For A Cracked Tooth A Priority

How long can you really wait to see your dentist if your tooth is cracked? The pain and bite troubles that can result from this injury will send some patients out for treatment as soon as possible. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can meet with you if you need to see someone on short notice, as we are ready to provide emergency dental services. If you are someone who feels that they can or should wait on arranging treatment, you should reconsider. Letting an injured tooth go unchecked can lead to problems with infections, and you also face the risk of more damage affecting your enamel. When you have your tooth restored, a custom dental crown can provide cosmetic as well as functional support for you.

A Cracked Tooth Could Be More Vulnerable Than You Realize

Your cracked tooth may be in worse shape than you realize. If you leave your damaged enamel untreated, an infection can form and create new problems for your well-being. Infections lead to issues like chronic pain and sensitivity, as well as difficulties with swelling around the tooth. You also have to worry about the potential to do more damage to your enamel if your tooth has not been restored. Choosing to simply change the way you approach biting and chewing can lead to problems with the alignment of your jaw, something that can lead to TMJ disorder.

Arranging Emergency Treatment For Your Tooth

After you arrive, your dentist can closely check on the condition of your tooth to see how it can be restored. If there are already signs that you have an infection, root canal therapy will have to be performed. During this work, your dentist will carefully remove bacteria and infected tissues to stop problems with pain and sensitivity, and to stop an infection from spreading further. Once this work is done, your tooth can be capped with a custom dental crown to protect it and restore your bite!

Capping Your Injured Tooth With A Custom Dental Crown

When a dental crown is placed on your tooth, you should once again feel comfortable using it to apply pressure whenever you bite and chew. These restorations are made to offer permanent support to the tooth itself and your bite function. When a more visible tooth has been damaged, we can recommend treating it with a restoration that more closely matches the color and texture of your enamel to prevent cosmetic concerns.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Restoring A Cracked Tooth

Through the restoration of your cracked tooth, your Katy, TX dentist can take care of you after a potentially serious dental injury. It is important that you take the threat of damage seriously, as the injury can lead to infection or more physical damage. To find out more about our urgent care, or to discuss regular services that we provide, call Lathrop Dental Center today at 832-437-3849!