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Reasons To Not Panic If Your Tooth Is Loose Or Knocked Out

Your first instinct may be to panic after your tooth is knocked loose or completely dislodged. This is easy to understand – after all, it can be scary to think you might lose that tooth! One reason not to panic is that you have access to treatment on short notice if this occurs. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office will meet with you and tend to your smile after an injury. When you arrive, your tooth will be closely reviewed before restorative dental work begins. Because you have access to oral health support on short notice, you improve your chances of saving a tooth, even if it is already completely out of socket. You should know that even if a tooth cannot be saved, your dentist can still restore your full smile by beginning prosthetic dental work.

Emergency Dental Work Is Available

Take steps to schedule an emergency dental appointment after your tooth is broken, knocked loose, or knocked out. Dental injuries cause potentially serious problems. The trauma can change your smile, negatively affect your bite function, and even lead to complications that create long-term issues. Emergency dental work will lower your risk for complications, shorten your time in pain, and provide cosmetic improvements with less delay.

Protecting A Loose Tooth Before Treatment

If your tooth is loose but not completely dislodged, your dentist can restore its health and do work to keep it in place. Avoid touching the tooth or putting pressure on it. While you can try to push it back in place gently with your tongue, you should avoid doing more with it, as you could loosen it and cause it to completely fall out. If you are in pain or experiencing any swelling, gently applying an ice pack or cold compress can help. The process of restoring the tooth may include root canal therapy and dental crown placement to keep it in good health.

Safely Handling A Tooth That Is Already Out Of Place

Will your dislodged tooth be lost forever, or can your dentist return it to its socket? The answer will depend on its condition. A longer delay in treatment lowers your chances for a successful restoration. To protect the tooth, only hold it by its crown, not the roots, and keep it from drying out by carrying it with a container of milk.

If your tooth cannot be saved, you and your dentist can discuss treatment in the form of implant dentistry. With a dental implant in place to hold your replacement tooth, you can smile, speak, and chew with confidence and in comfort. The implant acts like an artificial root to hold your lifelike restoration in position.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Can Help If Your Tooth Is Loose Or Dislodged

Lathrop Dental Center is prepared to help patients when they need treatment for a loose or dislodged tooth. To find out more about our emergency services, call our dentist’s office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!