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What Questions Do You Have About Emergency Dentistry?

What will you need to do to arrange emergency dental services? If you experience an urgent dental problem, it is important that you reach out and schedule time to see your dentist as soon as possible. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office wants patients to know that their care will be made a priority in the event of an emergency. We can bring you in for care on short notice when you have an issue that requires prompt care. You can contact us after suffering physical tooth trauma, or reach out with concerns about active pain or sensitivity that makes you concerned for your well-being. Our approach to restorative dentistry is focused on both the restoration of your oral health and smile, which means we can address your difficulties without changing your appearance!

When Should I Treat A Dental Problem Like An Emergency?

If your tooth is damaged, knocked loose, or completely dislodged, you should reach out to your dentist as soon as you can to arrange care. You should also make service a priority if you have a problem with a dental filling or dental crown, or if you have concerns about a serious toothache. Any of these issues can be difficult to endure on their own, but they also make you vulnerable to complications if you do not arrange care in time.

What Can My Dentist Do To Restore My Smile When I Go In For Emergency Care?

The type of care provided at your emergency appointment will be based around the severity of your tooth injury. If a physical injury qualifies for cosmetic dental work, we can recommend conservative treatment options for restoring the appearance of a problem tooth. When necessary, we can provide functional support and cosmetic improvements with the placement of custom dental crowns. In some cases, an emergency treatment will lead to the extraction of a tooth. If this occurs, we can plan to replace what you have lost with a dental implant-held restoration that provides bite support as well as cosmetic improvements.

How Do I Protect A Lost Tooth Before Treatment?

If your tooth is knocked out, prompt care can improve your odds of having it safely returned to its socket. However, you should also take care to handle it responsibly if you want to avoid problems. This means holding it by its crown, not its roots, and being gentle if you need to clean it. Leave any organic tissues that are on the tooth alone. To protect the tooth from drying out, you can carry it in a small container of milk.

Lathrop Dental Center Is Ready To Take On Your Dental Emergency

Lathrop Dental Center is prepared to help patients when they experience dental emergencies. If you wish to learn more about the urgent care we offer, or if you have other oral health matters that you wish to discuss, call our dentist’s office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!