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When Should Tooth Pain Be Treated Like A Dental Emergency?

You are worried about tooth pain, but should you be concerned enough to reach out to your dentist for help? If pain is not going away, or if it feels serious, you should consider the matter urgent. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is here to help, even when you need help with a possible dental emergency! You should not ignore dental pain, or put off an appointment to discuss it with your dentist. That pain may be from an infection, one that will keep growing worse and put you at risk for losing your tooth! Once you arrive, your dentist will evaluate you to see what they can do to fully restore your tooth’s health.

Tooth Pain Can Be A Difficult Problem To Ignore

You can have a hard time ignoring tooth pain, especially when the discomfort is intense or long-lasting. If you think something might be wrong, make treatment a priority so that the matter does not grow worse. By trying to ignore the matter, it can worsen. You also put yourself through needless discomfort when you continue to disregard signs that something is not right. Our practice is ready to act on your behalf, even when the pain is so intense you need an appointment as soon as possible.

Your Discomfort Could Be A Sign That Your Tooth Is Infected!

Your discomfort could be from an infection, a problem that will become more severe over time. Until you seek treatment, your tooth’s health can deteriorate as bacteria make their way through your pulp and attack the living tissues housed within. Eventually, you can even lose the tooth and suffer problems with infection that affect other areas. You can develop an infection because of an untreated cavity, but it can also stem from difficulties with physical trauma. Even if an injury does not seem serious at first, you should take action and schedule an appointment if your tooth continues to ache, or if you notice other problems, like swelling around the tooth.

What Will Treatment For Persistent Tooth Pain Involve?

To address your persistent discomfort, your dentist may need to perform root canal therapy. Through root canal treatment, we can remove bacteria and damaged tissues to stop the problem from growing more serious, and to put a stop to your discomfort. To protect your tooth, we will cap it with a dental crown after you undergo your root canal. If you need to undergo treatment on one of your front teeth, we can recommend a porcelain or zirconia crown that imitates your healthy tooth structure.

Reach Out To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Tooth Pain

Lathrop Dental Center can help you if you are struggling with tooth pain, even when the problem feels intense. In fact, we offer emergency dental care so that we can promptly resolve issues with severe or persistent discomfort, as well as to help with other concerns, like physical injuries or a loosened or lost tooth. To find out more, please call our dentist’s office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!