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3 Helpful Actions To Perform After Breaking A Tooth

The first thing you should do after breaking your tooth is reach out to your dentist and arrange an emergency dental procedure. Our Katy, TX dental practice can bring patients in on short notice to address problems that call for prompt care. Before you arrive for treatment, you can take steps to manage discomfort and address any swelling that may occur around the tooth, but limit any activities that might put pressure on the tooth and harm it further. If you try to put off treatment for a broken tooth, you can experience serious consequences. The tooth’s health can worsen because of an infection, or because more physical trauma leads to the tooth being injured further.

1. Arrange An Emergency Dental Appointment

Make sure you schedule treatment as soon as possible after breaking a tooth. Physical trauma is a serious issue, one that should be dealt with as soon as possible. Putting off care can be a mistake, even if the injury seems to be relatively minor at first. If the tooth is not evaluated, you may not realize just how vulnerable it is. Unfortunately, that can lead to more damage, which will cost you more of your tooth structure and make you more vulnerable to the kind of problem that can require tooth extraction. You can also let an infection form if you do not do something about damage. To treat an infection, your dentist will have to perform root canal therapy.

2. Take Steps To Manage Pain

Your tooth injury can be painful enough to seriously affect your mood, and it can feel difficult to ignore the discomfort you feel while you are on your way to receive care. Over the counter pain relievers can help to soothe your discomfort. You can also use ice or a cold compress to soothe pain, and to reduce any swelling around your tooth that you have.

3. Avoid Putting Pressure On The Tooth

Sometimes, an injured tooth is still in good enough condition to be restored with cosmetic dental treatment. Even if you feel that your tooth is “probably” okay, you should avoid putting pressure on it. You may be surprised at just how vulnerable the structure is – after biting down, your enamel can suffer more harm!

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