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A Cracked Tooth Can Become A Big Problem For Your Smile

Cracking a tooth can be a painful experience, but unfortunately the problem can cause more than discomfort. Your smile can experience an upsetting change because of your injury. A crack also makes you vulnerable to infection, which can lead to serious oral health issues and the potential loss of your tooth! The good news is that your Katy, TX dentist can take care of your cracked tooth on short notice. Our practice encourages patients to reach out when they have potential dental emergencies. We can visit with you on short notice and provide a review of your tooth before treating it. If there are signs of infection or internal damage, we can take care of it by performing root canal therapy.

Ignoring Your Cracked Tooth Can Lead To Big Problems

If you choose not to seek treatment after injuring your tooth, you can set yourself up for worsening oral health problems. After a crack forms, your tooth enamel will be less capable of absorbing bite pressure, which can lead to discomfort as well as the possibility of more damage to your tooth structure. You also need to be aware of the potential for an infection to form. When bacteria make their way into your tooth structure, they can cause pain and swelling. Over time, bacteria that travel through the tooth structure can cause more health problems, and make tooth extraction your only remaining treatment option.

Scheduling Emergency Dental Work

When your tooth is injured, your dentist can see you on short notice to take care of it and prevent complications. During your review, we will look for evidence of infection or internal damage – if these problems have occurred, we can perform root canal therapy to remove harmful microbes and damaged tissues. After this is done, we can restore your tooth with a dental crown that provides lasting bite support.

Will I Look Different After Treatment?

In some cases, patients only require cosmetic dental work after suffering dental injuries. These conservative procedures can restore your appearance while only requiring minimal changes to your tooth structure. If you need more than just cosmetic treatment to address the trouble with your tooth, we can provide a dental crown that imitates your healthy enamel. By placing this lifelike restoration, we can take care of you without changing your appearance.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Treatment For A Cracked Tooth

Don’t put off treatment if you crack your tooth! The sooner you are able to arrange treatment, the sooner you can make sure that your tooth is safe from infection or further damage. To learn more about our emergency services, or to find out more about our general treatments, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!