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We Can Answer Your Questions About Emergency Dentistry

While you can understandably hope to avoid any problems that call for emergency dental treatment, you can have questions about what services are available to you on short notice. When is it appropriate to reach out and schedule urgent care, and what will your dentist really be able to do for you when you arrive? At our Katy, TX dental office, we want our patients to know we are available to help them whenever they have a problem that seems to call for urgent attention. We can take care to restore the health and appearance of a problem tooth, or we can do work to save a tooth that is damaged, loose, or completely knocked out. We can also help in a situation where food is painfully wedged between teeth and not able to be removed with dental floss.

When Is An Emergency Procedure Needed?

If you have a problem with your oral health that seems urgent, let our practice know! By ignoring a problem with serious discomfort, or putting off care when you feel your tooth is vulnerable to serious harm, you raise your risk for complications that require more involved restorative dental work. The sooner you act and arrange treatment, the sooner you can put pain and/or fears around the loss of a tooth behind you!

Can I Schedule Emergency Treatment Because Of A Cavity?

If a cavity progresses to the point where your tooth becomes infected, the pain in your tooth become difficult to ignore. People who experience worrying degrees of dental pain can be in need of emergency care. Advanced decay can require root canal therapy, a procedure that stops an infection from progressing and doing more potential harm to your oral health. Once this work is done, we can make sure that your tooth is safe by providing you with a dental crown.

Will Emergency Dentistry Restore My Smile?

If a dental emergency has you worried about your smile, know that your dentist is ready to help you preserve your appearance. In some cases, cosmetic dental work is all that is necessary after an injury that chips, cracks, or breaks a tooth. In others, we may need to perform restorative dental work, but we can make sure that this work restores the appearance of teeth.

Sometimes, a tooth will have to be extracted even when a patient sees us as soon as possible. If this occurs, we can discuss prosthetic dental work – after a dental implant is placed, we can permanently secure a dental crown to restore both your smile and your oral health!

Our Katy, TX Dental Practice Offers Emergency Services

Through our commitment to providing emergency dental services, we can make sure our patients have access to important care even when a problem calls for urgent attention. To find out more, please contact Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!