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Arranging Care For A Tooth That Has Been Knocked Loose

If you feel that your tooth has come loose, you can certainly (and understandably) feel alarmed. Fortunately, you do not have to feel helpless, as your Katy, TX dental office is prepared to see you and provide emergency dental work for this and other situations where a tooth is in jeopardy! It is important that you reach out as soon as possible to have this problem addressed, and that you avoid agitating the tooth. If you are not able to gently press it back in its socket with your tongue, avoid interacting with it until you see your dentist. Through restorative dental work, we are often able to save teeth in vulnerable states.

Protecting A Tooth In A Vulnerable State

If your tooth is loose, broken, or already out of place, be as careful as possible until you arrive for treatment. The more you do to interact with the tooth, the more risk you create. Avoid eating and drinking until you have sought treatment, and be gentle when applying pressure to deal with any bleeding or swelling. To manage pain, you can take an over the counter aspirin or other pain reliever.

What To Expect During An Emergency Visit

When you come in for your appointment, your dentist will carefully examine your tooth to see what state it is in, and to see what we can do to help you. Our goal is to provide the most conservative approach to treatment that fully restores your smile and preserves your bite function. When possible, dental injuries can be addressed through cosmetic dental work to hide the effects of damage. For a tooth that is knocked loose, we may need to provide root canal therapy to address any internal damage, and then restore your tooth with a custom dental crown. We can use a crown that imitates your healthy tooth structure if the tooth is more visible when you smile and speak.

How Can My Smile Be Restored If My Tooth Cannot Be Saved?

If a loose tooth is not treated in time, or if the injury you suffered is too serious to make saving your tooth possible, we can discuss implant dentistry as a means of restoring your smile. Dental implants provide permanent support for replacement teeth. In addition to providing more bite support and making your smile look complete again, an implant-held restoration can support your jaw health by preventing deterioration that can occur after tooth loss.

Visit Your Katy, TX If You Have A Loose, Damaged, Or Lost Tooth

While it can be alarming to have a loose tooth, you should know that your Katy, TX dental office is ready to help! During an emergency dental visit, we will help you deal with a painful and alarming oral health issue, with the goal of restoring both your appearance and dental health. To find out more, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!