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We Can Offer Reliable Dental Care To Special Needs Patients

With access to reliable oral health services, people are better protected against oral health threats that can affect their quality of life, appearance, and general well-being. While many people feel at ease in the dentist’s chair, some have difficulties receiving treatment. For people who have special needs, it can be difficult to find a practice that is prepared to accommodate them and their needs. This can lead to frustration and make them less likely to regularly schedule dental exams and cleanings. If you or someone in your family has encountered difficulties finding a reliable dental practice, our Katy, TX dental office can help! We are ready to work with special needs patients who may have found dental treatment difficult to enjoy in other environments. When necessary, we can work with anesthesiologists who provide sedation to make visits easier.

Some Individuals Struggle To Find Reliable Oral Health Care

Due to their differing needs, some people can find it hard to find a dental office that is prepared to properly serve them. If you are someone who has run into this problem, or if you have had a hard time booking appointments for a family member, it can be tempting to stop trying unless a dental problem arises. The inability to find reliable care leads some to rely on general medical clinics for help, even when they are just seeking general care! We can speak with you about how we can meet your needs, or about how we can make sure a person in your family with special needs is receiving quality oral health services.

How Sedation Helps Those Who Have Difficulties In The Dentist’s Chair

For some, dental work is a difficult process to undergo, even when they are only receiving preventive care. In these situations, or in situations where patients are uncomfortable because they need more involved services, we can offer safe dental sedation. We can work with anesthesiologists who can recommend different types of sedation for patients in order to give them a positive treatment experience.

The Long-Term Value Of Consistent Oral Health Care

When you have access to preventive dental care on a regular basis, you are better protected against tooth decay and gum disease. These are common problems, but they can have more significant effects on your well-being than you might realize when they are not treated in time. Because we are committed to making sure patients with special needs are comfortable and cared for in our office, we can make these important routine services easier to access, which means patients are less likely to need more advanced restorative dental work in the future.

Schedule Dental Work For Yourself Or A Family Member At Lathrop Dental Center In Katy, TX

Lathrop Dental Center can work with individuals with special needs and their family members to make sure they receive quality care in our office! To find out how we can help you, please contact our dental office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!