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The Problem With Putting Off Treatment For Severe Tooth Pain

If you try to ignore a problem with severe toothache, or if you keep delaying a trip to the dentist’s office in spite of a persistent problem with pain or sensitivity, you may be putting your tooth at risk. A problem that causes significant discomfort, or one that leads to persistent pain, can be a sign that the tooth is in poor shape and needs restorative dental work. Our Katy, TX dental office is prepared to help in a situation like this. In fact, we can even welcome you for emergency dental treatment if you are dealing with more discomfort than you feel that you can handle. Through the appropriate restorative dental work, we can restore your tooth’s health, and we can even take care of it without changing the way it looks!

A Serious Toothache Can Be A Sign Of Infection

Serious or persistent tooth pain can be a sign that you have an infection. If you remain in pain after a physical injury, it can be due to an infection from an untreated injury. However, if there is no obvious “trigger” for your discomfort, it can be due to the progression of a cavity. Your tooth is at risk of being lost if it is impacted by serious damage or advanced tooth decay. The good news is that when you think you have a serious issue, you can schedule an emergency appointment and have the matter evaluated with minimal delay.

Scheduling Emergency Dental Treatment

Dental emergencies can address a variety of concerns. While you may assume that an emergency must be related to physical trauma, it can also be due to an advanced cavity, a problem with a dental filling or dental crown, or even due to a problem with food painfully wedged between your teeth that you cannot remove on your own. At your appointment, we will take care to find the cause of your troubles and perform the necessary restorative work. At the end of treatment, your tooth will be restored with a custom restoration to protect it and preserve your bite function.

Treatment Can Restore Your Tooth’s Health And Appearance

If you need work done on a tooth that is more visible when you smile and speak, will you need to worry about your smile changing? When appropriate, we can recommend that teeth receive lifelike dental crowns that prevent cosmetic issues. A lifelike crown can still provide functional support that lets you bite and chew without difficulty.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Emergency Treatment For Severe Tooth Pain

At Lathrop Dental Center, individuals who are affected by dental emergencies can reach out to us to arrange the appropriate treatment on short notice. If you wish to learn more about our commitment to urgent care, or if you want to learn more about our general services, call our dental office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!