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We Can Provide Emergency Care If You Break Your Tooth

Are you ready to deal with the trouble that a broken tooth will cause? Properly responding to this kind of injury means more than just dealing with the discomfort it causes. You also need to make sure that the tooth’s health is restored, and that there are no oral health complications to worry over. The good news for people in and around Katy, TX is that Lathrop Dental Center offers emergency dental services! At an appointment, we can make sure that your tooth receives the appropriate support. If possible, we can restore the way it looks through a conservative cosmetic dental procedure. However, when it is necessary to do so we are prepared to take care of you by performing necessary restorative dental work so that we can save the tooth from infection or loss.

Don’t Put Off Treatment If Your Tooth Breaks

If you delay treatment after breaking a tooth, you make yourself more likely to experience oral health complications. Enamel damage puts a tooth in a vulnerable position, and if you are not careful you will wind up doing more harm to the structure. You also need to worry about a potential infection, which occurs when bacteria gather within the tooth structure and create new problems. Because our practice can take patients in with little advance notice, we can resolve problems with a broken tooth before these complications become a concern.

Restorative Treatment Can Address Cosmetic And Oral Health Concerns

If your tooth requires more than just cosmetic care, we can still restore its appearance as we work on addressing oral health troubles. If necessary, we will perform root canal therapy to address internal damage or infection after your injury. Once this is done, we can place a custom dental crown on your tooth. For teeth that are more visible when a person smiles and speaks, we can offer crowns that imitate healthy tooth structure to preserve the way you look while still protecting that tooth.

Other Problems That Can Call For Urgent Care

A broken, chipped, or cracked tooth can certainly call for attention. We are also prepared to help if a tooth is loose, or if it has already been knocked out. With that said, physical trauma is not the only kind of dental trouble that can call for support on short notice. Our office is also ready to accommodate you if you need emergency dental work because of tooth pain, or because food debris is painfully wedged between teeth and not budging when you try to floss it out.

Your Katy, TX Dentist Is Ready To Restore Your Broken Tooth

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help if you experience a dental emergency! To find out more about our practice and services, call our dentist’s office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!