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We Make Dental Care Accessible To Those With Different Needs

For people who have a difficult time in the dentist’s chair, important oral health services can be harder to access. Unfortunately, this can lead to inconsistency in preventive dental care, making problems more likely to occur and go undetected in the future. Our Katy, TX dental office makes our oral health services easier to access for people with special needs. By accommodating those who depend on something other than the “routine” approach to care, we make treatment easier to access. Our commitment to supporting patients with different needs includes offering safe dental sedation provided by anesthesiologists at our practice.

Individuals With Special Needs Can Have A Hard Time Finding Reliable Dental Care

Special needs individuals may struggle to find a dental practice prepared to meet their needs and support their oral health. Without access to reliable dental exams and cleanings, it can be more difficult to avoid difficulties with tooth decay and gum disease over time. That can lead to more complications that affect a person’s smile, bite function, and health. For some people, reliable care can be so difficult to find that they have to turn to general medical facilities just for routine services! Our practice removes concerns about access to dental treatment by making our services comfortable for all, even those who depend on different accommodations.

We Can Provide Important Services At Your Appointment

At a routine treatment, we provide thorough care that lowers risks for oral health problems. One part of each appointment is a thorough teeth cleaning. The cleaning procedure removes tartar and plaque deposits, a buildup of harmful bacteria and other substances that will make a person more likely to have future problems. At a routine appointment, your dentist will also closely evaluate patients for any early warning signs of poor oral health. If a problem is found, we can take care of these problems with the appropriate restorative dental work before something grows more serious. Because we can provide safe sedation options, we can make restorative treatment easier for people who might struggle with a more involved treatment.

How Oral Health Care Affects A Person’s Overall Well-Being

Without reliable access to treatment, problems can grow more severe, and that can lead to complications that have to be addressed to prevent health concerns. Untreated cavities lead to infections that are painful and capable of causing tooth loss. They can also lead to the spread of bacteria beyond your tooth, which can cause more health concerns. Untreated issues with gingivitis can lead to periodontal health issues that also impact your overall well-being. Fortunately, these problems can be prevented when your dentist has regular opportunities to study your smile and identify problems.

Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Help Special Needs Patients

Lathrop Dental Center is proud to offer reliable oral health services to people in and around our community! To learn more, please call our Katy, TX dentist’s office at 832-437-3849!